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    Something you might not know about our team is how much we all love to cook!

    Something you might not know about our team is how much we all love to cook!

    So here are a few of the recipes we’ll be making use of this autumn…

    Pumpkin and bacon soup

    This recipe by Tom Kerridge is perfect for eating the middles of your carved creations and with the additions of bacon and cream is lovely and comforting.

    Pumpkin and swede (or turnip?!) crumble

    Crumbles are not just for pudding! There is an ongoing disagreement in the team about whether a swede should actually be called a turnip – it’s a Cornish thing! 


    Banana and pumpkin seed muffins

    After lockdown saw us all baking banana bread here is a twist using the seeds from our pumpkins to make individual snacks ideal for popping in lunchboxes…

    These beauty spots get our seal of approval!

    These beauty spots get our seal of approval!

    There are some times in life when a wild creature makes us stop in our tracks – and at this time of year it’s definitely the turn of the grey seals!

    We must confess that sometimes in Cornwall we take for granted swimming in the same waters as the seals, and there are a few well known characters that pop up in harbours such as St Ives. But it is as we make our way into autumn that we get to really marvel at these creatures as breeding season begins!

    This means that coves where you may normally spot one or two in summer can suddenly fill with the sights, sounds and smells(!) of over 100 parents and pups.

    Here is a little selection of our favourite places/ways to catch a glimpse of these beauties:

    Mutton Cove, Godrevy

    A short walk from the Godrevy car park this cove can’t be accessed by humans so provides a safe breeding ground – but with your voice kept low you can peek over the fence down into the cove and at low tide can sometimes see nearly 200 seals!


    St Ives Seal Island boat trip

    Operating from St Ives harbour you can pop on a boat and whizz round the peninsula to visit seal island. Rumour has it they used to fill sacks which they put on the island as fake seals when they didn’t think there would be any real ones around! They definitely don’t anymore thankfully.


    Mermaid boat trip, Penzance

    If you fancy a boat trip to see seals on the other coast then the Mermaid in Penzance is the one to try!


    High Cliff, near Boscastle

    The view from Cornwall's highest cliff which stands at 735ft (223m) high can often include seals. They are sometimes accompanied by basking sharks and dolphins too!



    The journey down the winding access road to Porthgwarra is not for the nervous drivers, but the tiny cove at the end is worth the challenge! Here seals can be seem bobbing around most of the year, and accompanying the giant sunfish when the sea is a bit warmer…



    Outdoor swimming in Cornwall

    Outdoor swimming in Cornwall

    Although it does seem to be a lot cooler in Cornwall than the rest of the country at the moment there is still enough heat in the sun to need a refreshing dip now and again. With indoor swimming pools still shut there is only one thing for it – outdoor swimming!

    We have rounded up some team favourites for you to try.

    Priest’s Cove
    A steep footpath leads you down from the National Trust car park at Cape Cornwall to Priest’s Cove. Many strong swimmers launch from the slip, but to avoid the fishing boats or if you are a little more cautious the tide filled pool is the perfect place to take the plunge. With a shallow end ideal for rockpooling and a deep end for jumping in, hours can be spend messing about in the water.

    If the super chilly water isn’t for you then perhaps Hayle swimming pool is what you are after – a solar cover heats the water to between 24 and 26 degrees – and as a slightly more inland pool it isn’t filled with sea water.  

    Bude Sea Pool is a ‘semi-natural amenity’ that has provided a safe place to enjoy the sea water whilst swimming or playing since the 1930s. Although free to use this sea pool is attended by volunteers for extra safety.


    Jubilee pool, Penzance
    The UK’s largest art deco lido has been refurbished into a glowing beacon of outdoor swimming. This social enterprise offers a huge seawater pool, complete with UV filtering system for cleanliness, which is deep enough for diving at one end and will soon have the new addition of a geothermal pool. The social enterprise also runs the attached café meaning support can be given through eating their delicious food!

    Chapel pool, Polperro
    Steep, steep steps lead you down to this tidal pool which has been used for generations for learning to swim. As the pool faces south it soon warms up on a sunny day then disappears each high tide.




    Blooming Gardens!

    Blooming Gardens!
    Gradually, as lockdown restrictions begin to lift, we are able to start visiting some of the special gardens in Cornwall and we can’t wait to see what these garden havens have in store for us!

    Read more