Our products are designed by Poppy and handmade in Cornwall by our team of stitchers
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    We're proud of our team here at Poppy Treffry, everyone pulls together and really cares about what we do, meaning everybody will go the extra mile to make sure you, our customer, are happy.  And happily, we all have a lot of fun along the way!

    Heading up the team is, of course, Poppy...

    Poppy is in charge of everything! But specialises in designing our great ranges and developing our business. She's also pretty good at making tea and sweeping the floor! Takes her tea: milk and no sugar.




    Jess is our dispatch manager. She is also in charge of making sure all the stitchers know what to sew next.

    Spending most of her time in the studio keeping her stock kingdom in order - Jess is responsible for making sure all of our lovely customers, stockists and stitchers receive their deliveries. When she ventures out of the dispatch area, she can be found quizzing the stitchers about technical tips for her home sewing projects. Takes her tea: bean over leaf every time! Black coffee please.


    Also in the studio we have Tamsin, in charge customer services and wholesale...

    She spends most afternoons chasing her young son around the garden and looking for tractors! Takes her tea: black coffee every time!


    This is Liz - our chief in-house bag maker in our studio.

    Liz is a wonder at working her way speedily through ambitious stitching lists. She spins a good yarn (usually involving her chickens) whilst she sews and is a dab hand at sewing-related problem solving! Enjoys a spot of Gig Rowing and going out on bike rides with friends. Takes her tea: black, no sugar.


    Lydia - cutter at Poppy Treffry

    Lydia is our cutter and chief provider of home grown produce.

    Lydia cuts the base pieces for almost every Poppy Treffry product. She also individually hand cuts the appliqué pieces and compiles the stitching boxes for our team of stitchers. When not at work she can be found in the allotment growing cucumbers and making delicious cordial! She takes her tea with just as it comes with milk.



    Nastassia manages our social media, e-newsletters and general marketing and is St Ives shop manager 

    On days when Nastassia isn't tinkering with the website and newsletters in the studio she can be found managing our St Ives shop, in one of her other jobs (The Tate St Ives being one of them) or playing Minecraft and Pokemon with her son. Takes her tea: coffee flavoured - no tea, thank you!



    The other's you might see more of are in our St Ives shop team, starting with Gilly

    Gilly is our stalwart shop worker, always knowing when we're about to run out of tea towels. She's generally the reason you can find what you're looking for in our shop! Takes her tea: er, coffee thank you very much!



    Natalie - St Ives shop

    Also in the shop is Natalie

    Natalie can be found in the shop on days she's not teaching swimming to pool stars of the future. With a keen eye for design she has a passion for vintage clothes and furniture.  Takes her tea: as earl grey with no milk.





    And now to those you might not see so often but who are vital to our continued success.... 


    Firstly, the longest standing team member is Briony...

    Briony is our stitcher extraordinaire. She makes lots of our lovely products such as our stitched pictures and badges, so much so that she's good friends with her osteopath! She looks small and cute but she's a very big fan of loud heavy metal! Takes her tea: milk and no sugar



    Lucy creates our lovely embroidered make up bags, and does it very beautifully...

    She also stitches up a lot of our big and small useful purses and even some of the washbags too, phew we do keep her busy!