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    All participants will need:

    A sewing machine capable of dropping the feed dogs (see FAQs for more info)

    A darning foot that fits your machine - see here for an example.   

    A 9 inch embroidery hoop and a 4 inch embroidery hoop (slightly bigger or smaller is fine)

    Gutermann Sew all polyester or similar good quality thread in navy, white, turquoise, pale brown, yellow

    Coats Moon thread or similar for the bobbin in black, white, turquoise, pale brown, yellow

    No.90/14 sewing machine needles

    Sewing scissors, pins, tailor’s chalk, tape measure, ruler and fabric glue

    A 40 x 30cm/16x12inch cushion pad

    A printer to print out appliqué templates.

    A space to spread out and make mess and the ability to finally cut up those fabrics you’ve been hoarding for years!

    If you have purchased the materials pack you will have all other materials and components

    If you have chosen 'online only' option you will be sent a detailed materials list when you subscribe.

    A note on fabrics: The fabrics are completely your choice and if you have things already it would be great to use them up – freehand embroidery can be tricky and it’s great to have fabric to practice on. So raid your stash, scour the local charity shops, cut up some old curtains...see what's hiding in the attic! I know from experience that if you start out right away on a beautiful piece of fabric you’ve spent lots of money on it’s much harder to be relaxed when you sew and then your embroidery goes all wrong!

    But...you can find our list of recommended online suppliers HERE