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    The WHOOP game!!!

    We thought we'd share with you the way Team Treffry pass the time on long car journeys (and we must admit shorter journeys too!!) We play a game called the WHOOP game, or the Yellow car game! 20121018-130632.jpg The rules are not too complex!! If you see a yellow vehicle you shout WHOOP and the first person to do so scores a point, the person with the most points at the end of your journey wins. Fun. There's a few more rules to be aware of... 1 if two people WHOOP at the same time they each get a point. 2 vehicle is defined as one which has a steering wheel. 3vehicle must be predominantly yellow. 4 if you WHOOP Inappropriately your points get reduced to zero and you must start again. 5 no WHOOPing when engine is switched off. 6perhaps the most important of all, no fighting, it's just a game!! So have fun the Team Treffry way and let us know how you get on!! 20121018-131843.jpg 20121018-131855.jpg (no advertising intended by the above and extra points in you can spot our covert yellow vehicle capturing!!!) We must also credit the inventor of this yellow themed fun, Thank you Mr Justin Duance!!