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    Blog — The Vintage Store ST Ives

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    Better Old than New…

    I've been having lots of fun over the past few weeks collating vintage pieces to sell in our shop alongside the textiles, ceramics and haberdashery. I love finding something really unique and beautifully worn, or something that seems bang up to date but is actually 40 or 50 years old. I have my favourite haunts which shall of course remain secret upon pain of death! But I wanted to share some of the other amazing vintage shops that we have down here in West Cornwall as a bimble around them (as well as a trip to ours of course) is definitely as good way to spend a day – especially if, god forbid!, it’s a bit drizzly! Steckfensters – this overwhelming bazaar of the bizarre fills a gorgeously grand window on Penzance’s ancient Chapel Street. With unusual nick-nacks spilling onto the street you’re as likely to find a moose’s head as a 50’s coffee pot or a tractor seat. Open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays (I think) Boudoir - Then over the street just at the entrance to the antiques market on Chapel Street (and next to the lovely tea shop Dishotay where you can find lots of PT goodies!)  is my friend Sarah’s lovely vintage clothes shop, Boudoir. It’s much more girly than Steckfensters and great for picking up something floaty and gorgeous that no one else has. She also has a good stash of shoes and bags! Open Tuesday – Saturday (I think!)

    Beaten Green - Now hop on a train to St Ives and on your way into town you can visit the fabulous Beaten Green (I've heard rumours of queues outside before opening time) A large granite building filled to the brim with vintage finds from furniture (including some pieces with lots of small drawers….my personal fetish!) to fabrics and the odd enamel colander! Open rain or Shine every day (I'm pretty sure!) The Vintage Store - Carry on along the seafront into town and keep an eye out for the stylish A-board for The Vintage Store. It’s up a little flight of stairs and houses a beautifully curated collection of mainly 50’s and 60’s pieces including letterpress posters, tin cars, small drawers (again!), angle poises, factory lights and a lovely bit of Ercol. Their website is well worth a peek too! I'm not sure of opening hours - check the website or call ahead I’m off to Paris on Thursday (hurrah) so the hunt will be on for some Parisian gems (aided by my friend Natalie over at Things I Saw and liked ) Be great to know your favourite vintage haunts and what you just can't help buying...