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    So what is Spring Embroidery Club?

    So what is Spring Embroidery Club?

    Embroidery Club was one of those ideas that came to me in the middle of the night. As the country was shutting down, I’d sent all my team home on furlough and I was lying awake wondering what on earth was going to happen to my business and my team.

    I never dreamed it would turn out as it has. From day one I realised it was something special – not created by me but by the people taking part. Through the Facebook group, the emails, through the struggles and triumphs of everyone taking part the Club has become almost a therapy that has not only rescued my business but has given us all the creative, messy space we didn’t know we needed.

    The Christmas Club saw lots of the same people getting back together to sew again as well as plenty of new ones too and I can’t wait to see who joins us for the third club. The projects are looking gorgeous (if I do say so myself!)

    And, once again, I can’t wait to get started!


    But don’t just take my word for it, here are some reviews from our wonderful stitching community and pictures of what you could be making if you take part in Spring Embroidery Club 2021:

    It was brilliant. Loved it. The projects were great. The instructions were clear and easy to understand with added support of the videos/ Facebook. I learned new skills working with different textiles. Looked forward each week to the next project! Would thoroughly recommend it. 
    Sue B


    Had a fantastic 6 weeks with like minded people making Poppy’s unique designs. The projects were explained well and complemented with video instructions. It was great to see all the finished products, many of which had individual variations on the theme, opening up further the possibilities of creative sewing.

    Ann C


    It was a brilliant idea and so helpful. I didn't purchase the fabric but used my own and created some work that even I didn't think I was capable of. Knowing we were all in it together and working alongside each other, albeit remotely and not really knowing each other, gave me a boost. Then to be able to share our work was lovely.

    Helen F

    My trip to sew in Devon

    About 18 months ago I received an exciting email – would I like to come and teach a freehand embroidery course in Italy….? Ask a silly question! But after much tooing and froing we realized that getting ten ancient Singer sewing machines, not to mention tubs of fabric, lamps, scissors, thread, hoops and inspiration to Italy might be a bit too much of a challenge – even for me! middle coombe farm the sewing course venue So we settled on something a little closer to home and last month, just before the clocks changed and as the sun was setting over misty autumn trees, I found myself with a heavily loaded van, turning into a lane with grass growing up through the middle in deepest, darkest Devon. ladies on poppy treffry sewing course Middle Coombe Farm was a beautiful setting for a stitching retreat. The machines were set up in the old thatched cider barn, hung with Tibetan prayer flags and the participants stayed in various ancient rooms through the farm and the grand old farmhouse. stitching students made on poppy treffry sewing course We spent the whole weekend together, stitching, chatting, cosying up by the fire in the oak paneled sitting room, eating wonderful food that was all cooked and prepared for us in the farmhouse kitchen and setting the world to rights. It was an honor to hang out with such wonderful ladies for the weekend and I was so proud of their finished products. embroidery hoop on poppy treffry sewing course And of course we mustn’t forget the indefatigable Mari from Made on Holiday who arranged the whole thing (and convinced me to do it!). She is the most wonderful warm, Italian, non cooking, non sewing mama, she looked after us so well, if anyone could convince me to do it again she could….but we’ll see! freehand machine embroidery examples

    Feeling crafty? Make yourself a lovely lab bag!

      Have you seen the marvellous muddy paws lovely labrador printed fabric is now available to buy via our website, perfect for your next crafty project. We're always being asked for more sewing projects and so we decided to celebrate the launch of the labrador fabric by bringing you a new step by step guide to making your own cross body bag. And guess what? This first bag is a lovely labrador!   So grab yourself the following and get ready to sew.   You will need: 1/4 metre of pretty outer fabric (like the gorgeous new muddy paws heavy cotton) 1/4 metre of lining fabric, 1.5m of heavy duty webbing, Scissors, Sewing machine, Pins.   crafty project things you will need to make a cross body bag   Step 1: Cut two pieces of your outer fabric 25cm high by 22cm wide. Cut two pieces of your lining fabric the same size. Cut a 1.5m piece of heavy-duty 25mm wide webbing. You can adjust this to suit your height.   marking your craft project making a cross body bag   Step 2: Place your pieces right sides together, lining with lining, outer with outer and line the top edges of the pieces up on a table. Mark out where your seams will start and finish leaving a 1cm seam allowance   using a singer sewing machine to stitch the bag   Step 3: Using your marks as the start and finish point, sew all the way round your outer pieces, right sides together and then turn through.   turning your cross body bag through in your sewing project   Step 4: Again using your marks, sew down each side of your lining pieces, right sides together but DON’T sew along the bottom.   sewing your cross body bag sewing project   Step 5: Place your turned through outer piece inside your ‘tube’ of lining, right sides together and line up the side seams. Open out the seams and insert the ends of your webbing handle, making sure it’s not twisted. Pin in place.   full cross body bag ready to finish poppy treffry sewing project   Step 6: Sew around the top of your bag, securing the handle in place. Turn through.   Step 7. Fold the lining end of the bag in about 1cm and stitch across to sew this shut and then push lining through inside the bag.   top stitching your cross body bag poppy treffry sewing tutorial   Step 8: Top stitch your bag in a matching thread….and you’re done!   Time for a cup of tea and then... to walk the dog! But now you have somewhere to pop those treats and poo bags whilst you're out, hurray!   Shop Muddy Paws fabric now. Shop labrador range in full now.   labrador cross body bag

    Sewing club! Tutorial: Crafty tea towel projects - Sew a super cushion!

    It's time for another edition of Sewing club with Team Treffry! Today we're showing you how to make a super cushion out of our small dogs tea towel - could be the perfect little gift for someone if you've still got some Christmas shopping to do! Good luck with the project and we'd love to see your finished makes if you create a cushion too! (You can find the tea towel here) You will need: A lovely Small dogs tea towel, fabric for backing the cushion (you could use an old cream pillow case), scissors, pins, a pencil,  a tape measure and a sewing machine IMG_4293 Cut the tea towel to 18” x 18” to make the front of the cushion. You will have a little bit of the tea towel left that you can use for one part of the back of the cushion, Cut this left over piece to 18” x 11”. Cut the pillow case or fabric to 18” x 11” to make the second piece of the cushion back. IMG_4294 Taking the two back pieces of the cushion, fold over the top edge only of each piece approx ½” and then fold again and pin in place so you have neat double folded hem. Sew along both folded hems, removing the pins as you go. IMG_4296 Place the front of the cushion cover with right sides facing up, place one piece of hemmed cushion back FACE DOWN over the cushion front, making sure the hemmed edge is running horizontally along the middle of the cushion front. Do the same with the second piece. IMG_4297 IMG_4298 Pin around all four edges of the cushion and sew, removing pins as you go.


    IMG_4300Turn the cushion right sides out…Tah Dah!

    final cushionDon't forget you can find our other sewing club projects on the blog too - how to make a wall tidy and how to make lovely coasters - the fun you can have with tea towels!