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    G7 visits St Ives

    G7 visits St Ives

    And just like that Cornwall went back to normal and it was like it never happened! But for a few days over the weekend things got very surreal around here with cavalcades of giant black cars and security driving through Penzance, exotic helicopters circling in the sky and our beautiful beaches flashing out on news reports across the globe – Boris even revealed himself to be a keen sea swimmer, diving in for a morning dip!

    When it was announced that the G7 was coming to Cornwall my first thought (once I had confirmed it wasn’t April fool’s day!) was that it would be amazing for business. In the end, however, St. Ives was very quiet; all the visitors were hanging out within the ‘ring of steel’ that said I don’t think I’m alone in feeling incredibly proud of Cornwall; our landscape, people and food. We managed to host a peaceful, positive global event in the midst of a pandemic. It’s a weekend we won’t forget in a hurry!

    Warship in St Ives for G7

    Although we did see our little shop sneak into shot on the G7 Devon and Cornwall police website...

    Devon and Cornwall police outside Poppy Treffry for G7

    Meet our #StIvesSnaps competition winners

    shortlistPhew - after much to'ing and fro'ing we have chosen the winners in our #StIvesSnaps competition, hurray!! We have to give massive thanks to our judges, Gavan from The Day That and St Ives artist, Sean Taylor for their feedback and creative opinions, it was great to have brilliant, creative input. Drum Roll for our winner............ Claire Garrett entry 2 Our first place winner is Claire Garrett. One of the judges comments was "A brilliant photograph taken of a very classic St Ives view but from a slightly different viewpoint, from the sea I love the way she has thrown the focus." We all loved this shot and felt like it really captured the essence of St Ives, well done Claire. George Blower entry 1 Our second place photograph was by George Blower, and this was a really tough choice, very nearly our first place. The judges praised it's "Great composition and atmosphere" but in the end it was felt that Claire's image captured the essence of St Ives.

    Amy Moore entry 1

      And finally in third place.. We loved the colour and the fun in this shot by Amy Moore. So there you have it, our three fantastic winners. We've loved this competition and seeing all your shots of the beautiful town, so thanks all so much for entering. We love St Ives!!

    Our St Ives Snaps Shortlist

            We are delighted to finally announce that we have chosen our shortlist in our St Ives Snaps competition - what a job that was! So here they are... Amy Moore entry 1 Amy Moore Claire Garrett entry 2 Claire Garrett Gail Grimshaw Gail Grimshaw George Blower entry 1 George Blower james Coghill entry 1 James Coghill Lara Natalia Swain entry 1 Lara Natalia Swain So it's over to our judges, Poppy Treffry, The Day That and Sean Taylor - St Ives artist, to choose our overall winner and our 2 runners up. We'll let you know! We'd love to hear which one you love the best too...