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    Sandwich Week – How do you like yours?!

    Sandwich Week – How do you like yours?!

    Toasted, open or Scooby-Doo style, there are endless ways to enjoy sandwiches and as 16th-22nd May is Sandwich Week there really is no excuse not to make your favourite! 

    Here are some thoughts about the nation’s classic packed lunch for you to consider whilst you eat yours…

    • Sausage sandwich – brown or red sauce?
    • Is an open sandwich just a topping on raw toast?
    • White or brown bread?
    • Do you butter?
    • Should tomato ever be allowed in a sandwich?
    • Bap/roll/breadcake/other?
    • Can you ever eat a toasted sandwich and not burn your mouth?

    And of course the most important one of all:

    • Why do triangle sandwiches always taste better?!

    Homemade Lemonade in the sunshine.

      When life gives you lemons, make homemade lemonade! We've all heard the saying but how many times have you actually stopped and thought "Ok, I will make myself some lemonade and I will make it right now"?   Well this is the time! We've decided to share our favourite and oh so simple lemonade recipe with you and we've even talked to the powers that be about arranging some sunshine! So grab those lemons, pop your favourite summer frock (or male equivalent!) on, grab a jolly picnic blanket and a great summer read and head outside, sip and relax!   lemons-for-homemade-lemonade-by-poppy-treffry   All you need to quench your thirst (and perhaps the thirst of a friend) are 4 lemons, make sure you get the nice unwaxed ones, 160 grams of caster sugar, around a litre of water and a whole bunch of ice cubes. And a food processor or blender, otherwise it's not half as nice!   Cut the lemons into a few pieces and whizz them up with half the water and half the sugar and a few ice cubes. After a minute or two pour this liquid through a fine sieve into a jug to keep and then tip the contents of the sieve back into the food processor or blender. Add the rest of the water and the other half of the sugar and a few more ice cubes and whizz up again. Pour through your sieve again into the same jug and then you can bin the pulp from the sieve. Et voila! You can put this into a pretty jug if you're serving at home or you can pop into a nice glass bottle if you're heading out for a picnic. All that's left to say is, Cheers!   dachshund picnic blanket by poppy treffry