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    Buttercup, buttercup…better do the drying up!

      The lovely new flowers tea towel with beautiful buttercup design takes inspiration from the fact that every summer I am so overjoyed by the wild flowers and grasses that burst forth from our Cornish hedges. The roads become narrower as they fight for space with campions, buttercups, herb Robert, plantains, primroses and so much more. freehand machine embroidering flowers by poppy treffry It was only a matter of time before these beautiful colours, shapes and names made their way into my work. It was so absorbing to first sketch and then stitch the different flowers. The only tricky part was selecting which ones to use! flowers tea towel by poppy treffry I think these motifs will find their way onto all sorts of products now and this summer I hope to be wowed by a wild flower display of my own as I spent October sowing wild flower seed around my house…not long to wait now! flowers tea towel by poppy treffryYou can shop the lovely new flowers tea towel on our website here.  

    I wish I had a penguin

    HB - penguin Recently we've noticed the world has gone a little bit penguin crazy - there's a certain Christmas advert which might have something to answer for here! The beauty of the fact that we design and make our own range is that if we love something we can turn it into a finished product quite quickly. And we love the penguin. Many years ago we used to make a penguin handbag and when we posted the picture above to facebook recently people got very excited about it. Penguin-stitched-decoration And so our lovely penguin stitched decoration was born. Poppy had some lovely penguin sketches from a summer trip to Paradise park, although we must say the penguins there weren't wearing bow ties, and the little fella took shape quite quickly. back-of-Penguin-stitched-de Handmade to order using vintage linen, leather and flannel we want you to wish you had a penguin no longer, because you can just get one of ours!!

    When inspiration strikes...

    We just wanted to share this lovely story of inspiration striking that a lovely customer posted on our facebook wall recently. the perfect colour the perfect colour.

    Tracey told us "Just wanted to let you know and thank you for how your catalogue inspired my recent bedroom makeover. It plopped through the door and as soon as I saw the back cover I started rabbiting on about how "that was exactly the sky blue/grey colour I was looking for" (husband opened one eye and grunted)..... Anyway, a quick trip to the B&Q magic paint colour matching machine and I was good to go! blog tracy 2   As you can see, it perfectly sets off my waggy picture above the bed, and also provides a splendid backdrop for my painting of one of your previous models, Mr George Best. He sadly passed away in February and we miss him terribly but it still makes me smile from ear to ear when I see his "man bag" photo. Saving up for a Seagull picture now to finish the room off x" blog tracy 3 Some of you might remember Mr George Best as the winner of our photograph competition a few years ago, a handsome and dashing fella he was and no doubt sorely missed by Tracey. This is the winning photograph below.George Best welsh terrier with man bag! George Best welsh terrier with man bag!