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    Use your loaf!

    Use your loaf!

    Is there anyone left who didn’t have a go at making bread of some kind over lockdown?!

    Many of us have come away simply appreciating the skills of bakers more, but there are also those of us who now can’t resist the smell of a fresh loaf in the oven and the joy of knowing we have baked it ourselves.

    As the UK is gradually emerging from lockdown once more and eating outdoors is becoming the new fine dining, putting together a meal can require a bit more planning and a bit more carrying!

    Our bread wraps are perfect for keeping your freshly baked loaf safe, carrying a family load of sandwiches or wrapping round a bowl of something delicious to keep bugs and picky fingers out. With a wipeable, food safe lining and velcro fastening they are super easy to use and keep clean.

    We know the bread makers amongst you will have your favourite recipes, but we’ve found this selection which has a variety of options…

    Poppy’s bread wrap is often used to protect her sharing bowl of potato salad. The recipe is so secret we couldn’t get it out of her, but here are a few alternatives that look pretty delicious...

    Back to school, aagh it's coming soon!

      It's hard to believe that the new term is looming close already but it is, a couple more weeks and  it's back to routine; alarm clocks, uniforms and a last minute search for lunch money or vaguely edible packed lunch box fillers!   Cornish Chough pencil case and big useful purse   But it needn't all be doom and gloom, with a new term comes a chance for new supplies! Who doesn't smile a little at the prospect of filling a crisp new pencil case for the first time with freshly sharp pencils and pens complete with lids (and ink!), unbroken rulers and neatly shaped rubbers?!   messenger bags shot 3 in a row on Mousehole beach   The novelty of packing a lovely new bag with files and school books should distract from the fact that summer holidays are over for another year and it's time to get the brain working again. So treat your back to schoolers to a little something from the Poppy Treffry range and make the return to academia as painless and pleasant as it can be, choose squawking seagulls or breezy boats to remind them of summer days or embrace the change of the seasons with autumnal oyster catchers or darling dachshunds. We make perfect pencil cases and magnificent messenger bags, each with a touch of Cornish magic!   oyster catcher messenger bag