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    Feeling crafty? Make yourself a lovely lab bag!

      Have you seen the marvellous muddy paws lovely labrador printed fabric is now available to buy via our website, perfect for your next crafty project. We're always being asked for more sewing projects and so we decided to celebrate the launch of the labrador fabric by bringing you a new step by step guide to making your own cross body bag. And guess what? This first bag is a lovely labrador!   So grab yourself the following and get ready to sew.   You will need: 1/4 metre of pretty outer fabric (like the gorgeous new muddy paws heavy cotton) 1/4 metre of lining fabric, 1.5m of heavy duty webbing, Scissors, Sewing machine, Pins.   crafty project things you will need to make a cross body bag   Step 1: Cut two pieces of your outer fabric 25cm high by 22cm wide. Cut two pieces of your lining fabric the same size. Cut a 1.5m piece of heavy-duty 25mm wide webbing. You can adjust this to suit your height.   marking your craft project making a cross body bag   Step 2: Place your pieces right sides together, lining with lining, outer with outer and line the top edges of the pieces up on a table. Mark out where your seams will start and finish leaving a 1cm seam allowance   using a singer sewing machine to stitch the bag   Step 3: Using your marks as the start and finish point, sew all the way round your outer pieces, right sides together and then turn through.   turning your cross body bag through in your sewing project   Step 4: Again using your marks, sew down each side of your lining pieces, right sides together but DON’T sew along the bottom.   sewing your cross body bag sewing project   Step 5: Place your turned through outer piece inside your ‘tube’ of lining, right sides together and line up the side seams. Open out the seams and insert the ends of your webbing handle, making sure it’s not twisted. Pin in place.   full cross body bag ready to finish poppy treffry sewing project   Step 6: Sew around the top of your bag, securing the handle in place. Turn through.   Step 7. Fold the lining end of the bag in about 1cm and stitch across to sew this shut and then push lining through inside the bag.   top stitching your cross body bag poppy treffry sewing tutorial   Step 8: Top stitch your bag in a matching thread….and you’re done!   Time for a cup of tea and then... to walk the dog! But now you have somewhere to pop those treats and poo bags whilst you're out, hurray!   Shop Muddy Paws fabric now. Shop labrador range in full now.   labrador cross body bag

    It's all about the bags, about the bags..

    long rock totes bag We've been really busy this week stitching our lovely bags and so we thought we'd share a few of them with you. Messenger bags collage Aren't they just some of the prettiest bags you ever did see?! Handmade by our team in our studio and using our own, beautiful printed fabrics. Long rock totes collage We've all got our favourites in the studio but which is yours? Find them all here...

    Cool ladies - cool bags!

    crazy ladies! crazy ladies!  We've just been flicking through some of the shots from our last catalogue shoot and decided this is one of our favourites. Biba is a very good model we think! And the Oyster Catcher messenger bag is the perfect bag to take you through the Spring/Summer 2013 season.