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    Blog — Easter

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    Easter holidays in Cornwall

      After a pretty wet and windy February and March we're all really looking forward to the Easter holidays here in Cornwall, a time when the weather is supposed to be brighter and more spring like. (Take note weather!) We know lots of you are in Cornwall for Easter and so we asked the team at Poppy Treffry how they would be spending the Easter break, ready to share with you all. And so this is our list of things to do if you're visiting Cornwall this Easter: The National Trust at Godolphin Estate near Helston are holding a Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt throughout the holidays for the children. It’s an historic house with beautiful gardens and so well worth a visit for adults too. Find out more here. easter themed egg cosy by poppy treffry Want to take Easter to the Egg-streme?! Have a go at Coasteering with St Ives Surf School. Jumping off rocks, climbing, swimming and kayaking are definitely for the more adventurous types, but all that exercise means you'll have earned your Easter egg! Find out more here. coasteering in cornwall with st ives surf school A few members of the team suggested a wander around Levant Mine at Botallack. They made it sound very innocent but we have a feeling they mean in search of Ross Poldark himself, although can you blame them?! And ok, so he might not be filming there at Easter, but it’s still a beautiful stretch of unspoilt Cornish coastline between St Ives and Lands End to explore. levant mine at Botallack On Easter Sunday (16th April) you could have a go at Egg Rolling in Padstow? Decorate a hard boiled egg, take it to Duke Street for midday and help raise funds for the Padstow RNLI lifeboat - whilst having some fun too, yay! easter egg cosies and treat pots by poppy treffry And if you prefer bikes to eggs (?!) then in North Cornwall, the spectacular Easter Egg Run is an annual charity event organised by a group of motorcyclists and also held on Easter Sunday. Ride off is at 11am from Davidstow Airfield, near Camelford, where often in excess of 200 riders and their pillions raise money for local children’s charities across the county, quite a sight to behold. Find out more here. easter egg run davidstow on motorcycles And if none of that tickles your fancy then how about creating your own family Easter traditions? Some members of the team who we won't name (but surnames are Treffry!)  have a tradition from childhood. You hard boil some eggs and then carry them up a hill balancing them on a spoon. It's a race to the top where you can stop and enjoy the view, or have an egg hunt, and you then have to race back down the hill batting the egg with a stick. The one who makes it to the bottom first and still has some egg is the winner. Any good Cornish hill would be great for this but tried and tested favourites are Carn Brea, Bray Down and Roughtor! eggs on spoons ready for easter fun If you like the idea of something a little more active but less egg based then you could cycle along the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow. Beautiful scenery along the former railway track, it’s an easy ride of just over five miles, with many options for refreshments when you reach Padstow! Look out for Oystercatchers along the way. oyster catch beach bag by poppy treffry And speaking of refreshments... when you do get to Padstow, the team highly recommend a visit to Cherry Trees café on the Harbour to sample some of their amazing cakes. Oh and that just happens to be next door to our Padstow shop, well what a coincidence! cherry trees cafe in padstow And if all else fails then you'll always find a hundred nooks and crannies to hide eggs behind down on the Cornish coast line. Let's just hope the weather gets the memo! We hope you enjoyed our little list and we'd love to hear from you if you've got suggestions we should try out this Easter - do get in touch via the comments here or over on our facebook page and let us know.  

    Easter ideas from Team Treffry

    The primroses and daffodils are coming out, and here at Treffry Towers we're all gearing up for Easter. We're particularly hoping the sun shines so we can get out and about and make the most of Cornwall in the Spring. Here are some suggestions from the team of things to do during the Easter holidays - come rain or shine... * * * * *Padstow egg rolling Padstow egg rolling from the Cornish Guardian.

     Get egg rolling On Easter Sunday join Poppy and Biba in a traditional egg rolling competition - decorating hard boiled eggs and rolling them down the nearest grassy hill. Race your friends and family, or join the crowds in Padstow for their annual Easter egg rolling down Duke Street in aid of the RNLI. According to Wikipedia, in the UK the tradition of rolling decorated eggs down grassy hills goes back hundreds of years. Eggs were originally wrapped in onion skins and boiled to give them a mottled gold appearance.By aussiegall from sydney, Australia (Easter Egg Hunt Uploaded by russavia) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons Easter egg hunt.

    Go on an Easter egg hunt If, like Charlotte, you prefer your eggs to be of the chocolate variety... why not create your own Easter egg hunt - with riddles and picture clues attached to each egg to help find the next one. Or cross the cobbled causeway to St Michael's Mount near Penzance and be an "Eggsplorer" for the day, hunting out the clues on the National Trust's Cadbury Easter Egg Trail. Enter your postcode on the website to find a trail near you.

    * * * * *

    Start your geocaching adventure For a treasure hunt any day of the year, Liz suggests heading out on a geocaching adventure. Create a free account, and use the geocaching website or app to explore, find and log geocaches all around the world. We're starting off in St Ives, where the geocaching trails take you around the harbour and on cliff walks - including to the wonderfully named Clodgy Point.

    * * * * *

    Easter egg making How to make a chocolate Easter egg using a balloon on the Good Food Channe. 

    Make your own Easter eggs If it's not the weather for exploring, Gilly has found a recipe for making your own Easter eggs - with just melted chocolate and a balloon! Imagine papier mâché - but with layers of chocolate... Yum! Best of all, you get to fill the eggs full of your favourite treats and go to town decorating the outsides. A chocolate egg covered in chocolate buttons anyone? Or for something a bit longer lasting, Freya suggests making an egg tree with blown and decorated eggs. Grow your tree a bit bigger every year by adding a new egg each Easter!

    * * * * *

    Freehand embroidery kit by Poppy Treffry Freehand embroidery kit.

    Sew your own egg cosy On a rainy day... our crafty freehand embroidery kits include hoops, fabric, thread, and instructions for making your own egg cosy. Follow our pattern for a cute little egg cosy with an appliquéd heart, or design and cut out your own motif to sew on the front.

    * * * * *

    And finally for something particularly Cornish... Cockling on the Helford River on Good Friday Put your wellies on and gather cockles on the exposed mud flats of Cornwall's estuaries. Cockling (or trigging) is a Cornish tradition at Easter when the tides are particularly low. According to the Good Cornwall Guide "The word 'trig' comes from the Cornish 'tyryg', 'trege' or 'treage' meaning the ebb of the tide, when cockles are most accessible."