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    Getting Crafty!

    As the days get shorter and the evenings colder, it's the perfect time to get crafty and creative...

    from a tea towel to a coaster

    Gather together your supplies and use the time to enjoy these fantastic autumn crafty tutorials... 

    We have a few crafty projects on our blog that we have created for you over the years... From pretty coasters to a lovely labrador cross-body bag! Let's give them a go, shall we?!

    If you're only starting with crafts or are not feeling very confident, why not start with something simple, like making pretty coasters using our lovely tea cups tea towel? The tutorial how to make these can be found here.


    cross bag

    Orrrr, if you fancy a new, practical accessory, you could have a go at making this pretty cross-body bag using our lovely labrador fabric... In fact, we have a selection of pretty fabrics you could chose from.. 

    Here is a full tutorial how to make a simple cross-body bag...



    ...and here are a few of our crafty customers' creations: from cushions, through handbags all the way to little girls' dresses!


    Our lovely customer Angela made this beautiful tote bag using our sewing machine tea towel. She added a touch of colour by colouring the bunting in with textile pens. How clever is that? Angela says: 'These are so lovely! I am going to make a tote bag. Thought I'd try to colour in the bunting with Frixion permanent marker to see what it looked like, think it's worked'. tote   mini bag Elaine made this lovely cross-body bag using our pretty printed fabric. Elaine: 'Finally finished my bag in this wonderful Poppy Treffry fabric. The fabric is excellent quality and love how it's turned out ,think I will have to buy a different fabric hoping it's sold in store can't wait to visit the St Ives and Padstow stores'.   dressThis lovely dress was made by Rachel who cleverly incorporated our fox terrier fabric to create a beautiful contrasting part of this gorgeous girls' dress. Rachel said: After buying material way back in august on my yearly trip to St ives, i have finally decided what to make with this fantastic print. Child's age: 2 years.  


    Good luck with your creations and do let us know what you've made this autumn!

    Sewing club! Tutorial: Crafty tea towel projects - Sew a super cushion!

    It's time for another edition of Sewing club with Team Treffry! Today we're showing you how to make a super cushion out of our small dogs tea towel - could be the perfect little gift for someone if you've still got some Christmas shopping to do! Good luck with the project and we'd love to see your finished makes if you create a cushion too! (You can find the tea towel here) You will need: A lovely Small dogs tea towel, fabric for backing the cushion (you could use an old cream pillow case), scissors, pins, a pencil,  a tape measure and a sewing machine IMG_4293 Cut the tea towel to 18” x 18” to make the front of the cushion. You will have a little bit of the tea towel left that you can use for one part of the back of the cushion, Cut this left over piece to 18” x 11”. Cut the pillow case or fabric to 18” x 11” to make the second piece of the cushion back. IMG_4294 Taking the two back pieces of the cushion, fold over the top edge only of each piece approx ½” and then fold again and pin in place so you have neat double folded hem. Sew along both folded hems, removing the pins as you go. IMG_4296 Place the front of the cushion cover with right sides facing up, place one piece of hemmed cushion back FACE DOWN over the cushion front, making sure the hemmed edge is running horizontally along the middle of the cushion front. Do the same with the second piece. IMG_4297 IMG_4298 Pin around all four edges of the cushion and sew, removing pins as you go.


    IMG_4300Turn the cushion right sides out…Tah Dah!

    final cushionDon't forget you can find our other sewing club projects on the blog too - how to make a wall tidy and how to make lovely coasters - the fun you can have with tea towels!

    Tutorial: Crafty tea towel projects – Coasters

    image (5) Because we know sometimes our tea towels are just too darn pretty to use we wanted to give you a couple of other options for things you could do with them! Here's our first project, lovely little coasters. Liz from our team made these for her gran recently and very well received they were to! image (1)   You will need... A tea towel (We used the teacups design, somewhat fitting we thought!) Some fabric pieces for backing each coaster wadding pins scissors a sewing machine, although you can hand sew if you're patient and have some evenings that need filling! Some cardboard to cut a template from. So, to begin - make sure you're well hydrated, we suggest a nice cup of earl grey (but this shouldn't affect your final result!) 1. Cut yourself a cardboard template approximately 4.5" x 4.5" 2. Using your template as a guide cut 4 pieces from your fabric, 4 from your wadding fabric and 4 cups from the tea towel. image (2)   3. Lay your teacup front face up on a flat surface, lay backing fabric face down on top of coaster front and lay a wadding piece on top of the backing. image (3)   4. Leaving a small gap (for turning the coaster through the right way) sew all around the edges.Once sewn, trim the corners but not too much! image (4)   5. Now turn the coaster right sides out. Stitch all the way around the edge, making sure you catch the small space where you'd left it open so that it is sewn closed. 6. Now you can quilt the coaster as shown in the picture of the finished product, or you could freehand stitch around the tea cups for an extra effect. Tah Dah! So there's some inspiration for something else to do with your tea towels, gets you out of the drying up for a bit longer! Now make some more for your friends! **If you can't wait to get going on this project we're got a lovely little special offer for you. Enter code 'making' at checkout for free delivery on our teacups tea towel until the end of November 14**