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    A lovely evening dahling!

    After planning and talking about it for many months various members of team Treffry finally came together this week to learn how to make Dahl with Sara, our resident expert! And we thought you'd like it if we shared! 20140506-184518.jpg In a heavy based pan we heated up sunflower oil and then fried 2 onions, about 6 cloves of garlic and about an inch of ginger for approx 15 minutes till they're softened (first onion, then garlic and then ginger). 20140506-185038.jpg Next we added 2 small green chillies diced, a teaspoon of tumeric, 3 of garam masala and 1 of coriander and mixed these together over the heat. 20140506-185123.jpg 20140506-185357.jpg Next we added a good teaspoon of sea salt flakes and half a carton/one carton of passata depending on quantities. You can also add some fresh tomato here as well. Just cause it's nice! 20140506-185610.jpg And there you have your Turka (none of us sure of spelling here, a great base for all curries etc) Now leave that simmering whilst you prep your lentils. We used red split but you can use any kind here, split peas. Puy lentils, mung beans, all sorts! We rinsed the lentils and then put them on to boil. 20140506-190203.jpg 20140506-190234.jpg Here we took a moment to admire the artwork before we began our potato and cauliflower curry. An added bonus to the evening! Potato and cauliflower sabjee. We chopped up about 12 potatoes to fairly small chunks. 20140506-190601.jpg And then broke a cauliflower into it's florets. Fairly small sizes again and we included a few of the outer leaves. 20140506-190748.jpg Then we took out half the Turka from our pan and put all the cauliflower and potato in with the remaining. We gave it a good old mix to coat the veg and then we put the lid on and were told not to remove it for at least 40 minutes! Hard to resist. Meanwhile we stirred our red lentils from time to time and skimmed them occasionally 20140506-192524.jpg Once our lentils were a bit of a porridge like consistency we added the rest of our Turka mix (you can add more water here if you like). Then we added some chopped ginger to the Dahl and put it to one side. Meanwhile we heated a frying pan and added garlic and dry fried it and then afterwards we dry fried some poppy seeds and black onion seeds. 20140506-192856.jpg Tip these into the Dahl and mix after you finish each, let the garlic brown but not too much. 10 popadoms (2) We then cooked some poppadoms over the gas flame, tough fingers with no feeling are the key here! 11 ta daa! (2) And at last our feast was ready. (we cooked up some rice and added pickles, raita and wine!) Delicious it was too - Team Treffry are ready to go forth and create dahl this weekend, are you?! yum yum (2)