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    Poppy's Black Friday thoughts....

    I made the mistake of blinking for a moment, and it was halfway through November! And here in the studio November means clearing out the shelves and putting my creative hat on ready for designing our spring collection. Making way for new products sadly means saying goodbye to some of the old ones…but it’s not too sad as you get to buy these products as part of our Black Friday event, and I get to design lots of lovely new things!

    Poppy Treffry with Singer sewing machine

    But this year we have a problem…we don’t have enough stock for a proper Black Friday sale, the shelves are almost bare and we’re only just keeping up with demand. But we do have several boxes of samples, slight seconds, and experiments that we would normally sell at the Christmas studio sale…

    Poppy Treffry black friday 2021

    So, we’ve decided to combine the two to bring you Lucky Dip Friday! I will be creating mystery boxes containing a variety of products, picked and curated by me into little bundles of (bargainous) joy! I’m so excited…in fact we’re all very excited in the studio. It’s been a few months since we’ve tried something we’ve never done before…something unprecedented, so we feel ready for a new adventure!

    Poppy Treffry Black Friday 2021

    I really hope you enjoy the lucky dip fun. I cannot wait to get started on putting the mystery boxes together…let the lucky dip fun commence!

    (Keep your eye on the newsletter, Facebook and Instagram for when the lucky dip goes live online!)

    A mini forage

    20121007-140124.jpg Inspired by the lovely 'the Simple Things' magazine Biba and I went for a mini forage in the beautiful Morrab Gardens this morning. The gardens are just behind our house and are stuffed with a jungle mish mash of sub tropical and exotic plants, shrubs and trees. You'll find palms, bamboo, magnolias, a fernery and (rumour has it) stick insects! There was a man practising juggling clubs on the bandstand today as we set off into the bushes, me photographing and Biba playing house,chatting away to herself and finding bits and bobs for our 'collection' A very pleasant hour! (and we only brought a few things home with us! 20121007-134401.jpg 20121007-134541.jpg20121007-134725.jpg20121007-134831.jpg20121007-134932.jpg20121007-135038.jpg20121007-135146.jpg