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    Blog — boaty mugs

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    Our new seaside mugs

      We always love it when we get to bring you something new and this week has been a particularly busy one with our new mugs appearing on the website, hot on the heels of our lovely new embroidered pictures (more on those another day!). cornish-boaty-mugsWe're pretty sure you can see what our lovely new mugs are inspired by, can't you?! With their sprawling fishing boats and bobbing saily boats we think nothing says 'Cornish cuppa' quite like them. St-Ives-boat-mug-backWe've got 5 nautical designs to choose from, St Ives boat, Fowey boat, saily boat, Cornish crabber and the Penzance fishing boat. Made from fine bone china and decorated in Cornwall. Bottom-of-the-saily-boat-mu Which will you choose?!